Why You Should Invest in A Stereo System in Your Home

Something lively occurs when a living room is recreated as a movie or music retreat. It can feel like the center of things, once you add a new sound system. And would you know, your TV’s audio is easily upgraded with a soundbar? These can substitute for the signaling and switching functions of conventional audio … Read More

Why You Should Consider Buying a Stereo System for your Car

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The Best Compact Stereo Systems (2021 Reviews)

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The Best Bluetooth Car Stereos (2021 Reviews)

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The Best Car Stereos (2021 Reviews)

If you have a car, you likely spend a lot more time in it than you would like to admit. In the United States, for example, people frequently drive anywhere from 20 mins to an hour both ways in order to go to and from work, and some people drive up to 3 hours each … Read More

The Best AUX Cables (2021 Reviews)

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The Best Budget Soundbars (2021 Reviews)

Surround sound systems are pretty awesome, but there are two main problems with them. First of all, they’re huge and require a large amount of dedicated floor space. Secondly, they’re so expensive! Instead, why not opt for a soundbar? They offer a significant increase in audio quality versus stock TV speakers, and there’s one for … Read More

The Best Soundbars Under $200 (2021 Reviews)

Two things that are not required to have an amazing sound in your home: an enormous budget or an intricate speaker system set up. It’s possible to have full, rich sound in your home without having to purchase an elaborate home theater system or spend hundreds of dollars on one really fancy speaker. However, if … Read More

The Best Soundbars Under $100 (2021 Reviews)

TVs these days are thinner than they’ve ever been but what you gain in a crystal clear LCD, you lose in audio quality. Since there’s less room inside for speakers, audio is often muffled and sub-par and it’s not always apparent until you try playing a movie using a decent sound system. The problem with … Read More

The Best Component Speakers (2021 Reviews)

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The Best Cheap Car Speakers (2021 Reviews)

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The Best Stereo Speakers (2021 Reviews)

Upgrading your sound system is a lot like upgrading a car: it can take several years, it’s expensive, and quite frequently, the people around you just don’t get it. To the enthusiast, though, finding the ideal hardware and altering the settings until they’re just right is its own reward. Unfortunately, for the sake of your … Read More

The Best Touch Screen Car Stereos (2021 Reviews)

In the last decade or so, there’s been a steady upturn in the ability of the car stereo to do interesting things. It began with additions like satellite radio, which allowed you to get far more channels (and far more interesting content, due to being able to break away from FCC regulations) then you could … Read More

The Best Stereo Systems (2021 Reviews)

If you lived in the glory days of the stereo, you probably remember having a whole wall of your home dedicated to the stereo system. You had your speakers, of course, and they were wired to the receiver, back in the day when the speakers were actually wired via shaving down the wire and then … Read More

The Best Shelf Stereo Systems (2021 Reviews)

There has never been a better time to purchase a shelf stereo system. The amount of music and other content like podcasts that are available to listen to is astonishing. There are also more rivals in the market, so companies are competing harder than ever to produce better quality sound systems that are more compact … Read More